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MADISON Group PR is a boutique communications consultancy serving US and European clients in technology markets including digital imaging, consumer electronics, and renewable energy.

Clients call upon MADISON Group for PR counsel and strategy, including competitive and crisis communications, industry analyst and media relations, social media campaigns, messaging development, and writing projects.

MADISON Group PR is known for its strategic thinking, creative approaches, and always reliable execution in helping clients meet their marketing goals.

Kathy Madison
Kathy Madison
Founder and CEO
Pat Arcand
Pat Arcand
PR Practice Leader

Counsel and Strategy

We ask a lot of questions. Because we understand that great strategy is built upon problem solving. We connect with our clients closely enough to gain insight into their real business strengths and challenges.

That level of connection helps us most effectively position them in the market so that we can offer sound public relations counsel every step of the way.

What is the best communications strategy? Sometimes it’s a news release; sometimes it’s a social media campaign; and sometimes, it’s simply a tip to a great journalist.

Messaging and Writing

Content marketing is the newest term for an old PR practice — advertising dressed up to look like objective editorial (sometimes they’re still called ‘advertorials’).

Those stories you read online that sound like news, but are really selling something that you may or may not want to buy. We prefer to leave “content development” to inventive copywriters (creating “native content”) at ad agencies.

Instead, we focus on what’s called “earned media.” That means that we’ve done our homework, effectively pitched a story to the smart journalists we work with, and they have written a real, credible story, with objective facts and relevant reporting. Stories that are trustworthy and reflect well on our clients.

Analyst and Media Relations

The media world is tumultuous, noisy and complex — with blurring lines between real, edited stories and all varieties of content marketing. While many bemoan modern trends and claim that “media is dying,” we see media as evolving.

We don’t get caught up in the buzzwords and bs of what’s latest and greatest. Instead, we serve as a trusted guide to our clients — from creating interest to vetting media requests, to reaching great journalists (the ones who still ask tough questions) and establishing long-term relationships, to thorough followup and ensuring accurate, impactful media coverage.

Ultimately, while our clients today have the publishing ability to say a lot about themselves, our job is to positively impact what others are saying about them.